The Best Achievement of Xinjiang Karamay Operation Project, 1000-Days No Unscheduled Shutdown


  July 15th, 2017, is the second anniversary of Xinjiang Karamay Operation Project taking over the operation work of Karamay Power Plant. The project operation team achieved the best result, operating the units without unscheduled shutdown for 1000 days, since putting the power plant into operation, which helped the owner to win the reputation of ‘On-site Safe and Civilized Production Standardized Enterprise’.
  In July of 2015, our operation team took over the operation job of Guodian Karamay Power Plant. Since then, the project tam insisted in the iron army spirit, worked hard, broke the records with 100-days, 200-days and 300-days safe operation and won great results and the owner’s recognition with the strict management system, professional skills and excellent working style. Before the operation team taking over the power plant, the record of unscheduled shutdown was 9.33 times every year. On the second anniversary, the owner sent the letter of thanks to appreciate the project operation team’s hard work and great achievement.
  Since taking over the power plant, the project operation team insisted in the policy of ‘safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment’, implemented the plan management and control method and risk pre-warning mechanism, checked and solved the hidden accident, promoted safe production management standardized and normalized construction, improved the management level with 100% accurate operation and none personal accident, avoided unscheduled shutdown, achieved great operation result and won the owner’s appreciation for many times. In 2016, the project team assisted and cooperated with the owner to finish the level B maintenance work to #1 and made the unit started up after the maintenance. At the beginning of 2017, the project team helped the owner to win the reputation of ‘2016 On-site Safe and Civilized Production Standardized Enterprise’ from its group company.
  The dust tainted with climbing the mountain is still there while our men ride the horses to the new target. Next, the Karamay Operation Project will further develop the excellent style, work harder for the operation work to the power plant, keep the good situation of safe production and build the company brand in Xinjiang and in the national power O&M market. Besides, the project will pay more attention to talent training and build a professional team to make more contribution to the O&M business development to the company.