Pakistan GHCL Commissioning Project Team 2 of Heat Consumption Comes to Site


  Mr. Song Hongwei, Project Manager of Pakistan GHCL Commissioning Project led the team 2 of heat consumption to have the mobilization meeting with Mr. Imaran, President of GHCL and Mr. Khalid, CTO at Islamabad. The meeting selected Muzaffargarh Power Plant as the first one for testing.
  On July 20th, 2017, the testing team came to Muzaffargarh Power Plant for preparation works, inspecting the site with the owner and collecting materials. Next, the team will finish the transportation work of testing equipment in order to carry out the testing work sooner.
  According to contract requirements, the project is responsible to the heat consumption testing and technical innovation for 44 units in 8 power plants in Pakistan for the owner. The company especially selected specific testing personnel about oil-gas double fuel and thermal power station to build the team.
  Team 2 coming to the site strengthened the project’s technical force and has significant meaning to improving the project implementation and finishing the contract.