Myanmar Thaketa Project Achieves Success on DCS Energization


  At local time 10:00 of July 30th, 2017, Myanmar Thaketa Project achieved success on DCS energization and accomplished the first commissioning point of the project which builds firm foundation for power plant energization.
  The total load of Myanmar Thaketa Combined Cycle Power Station is 500MW, of the Phase I, Thaketa Township locates at the east of Rangoon, is 110 MW. The owners are Yunnan Nengtou and Yunnan Waijing, the supervisor is BV, SEPCOIII constructs the project as the EPC contractor, and Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible to the commissioning, performance testing and trial running to the project.
  Due to the outdated local technical support and poor natural conditions, in order to ensure the successful completion of the DCS power node, under the correct leadership of the company headquarters, the project management and technical center’s control and technical support, the project transfer team ahead of schedule, complete the work of the preparation of electricity with high quality, passed the checks of EPC, supervision and the owners, communicate and cooperate with the installation unit, plant generation, supervision and the owners and fully guarantee the finish of DCS work.
  The success of DCS energization won the owner’s appreciation and build firm foundation for the following works.