Morocco Noor Project Organizes Training of Feed Water System


  With the arrival of the commissioning peak to Morocco Noor Project, in order to promote the handover commissioning works of Phase III and enhance the staffs’ understanding of feed water system, Morocco Noor Project organized the training of feed water system at 20:00 of August 4th, 2017. The commissioning personnel taught the course. Mr. Zhou Hejun, Project Manager of Phase III EPC Project, and other project leaders attended the training.
  During the training, the teacher firstly explained the structure and commissioning procedure of feed water system and the combining with the design drawings and specifications to explain the equipment operation procedures and notices of feed water system and finally emphasized on the hidden dangers in system commissioning and operation. The teacher also introduced the emergency plan and treating measures to the trainees.
  As the first photo-thermal project, Morocco Noor Project insists in the iron army spirit and will organize trainings of turbine, boiler, electric and I&C to motivate the staffs and build firm foundation for the following commissioning works and will also practice the knowledge into on-site works.