Successful Synchronization of Morocco Jerada Project 1×350MW Unit


  At 9:24 of September 19th, 2017, Morocco Jerada Project 1×350MW Unit achieved success on its first synchronization with all qualified indexes of steam turbine and generator and steadily operated systems, which means the project achieved another important success.
  In accordance with the owners and the EPC project’s overall arrangements for the deployment of the whole set startup trial running work of the unit was started on September 15. In this regard, Jerada project department attaches great importance to this, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the crew to carry out the work of the project manager at the first time to organize management and technical staff at all levels of the preparatory work, staff division, on-site technical guidance, on-site security and other aspects of the specific arrangements and deployment. At the same time, the project department organization and coordination of the relevant departments of the unit set up before the start of the joint inspection work, sort out and develop key preventive parts and preventive measures for the complete start of the work to provide a strong guarantee.
  At 23:16 of September 17th, the boiler was ignited with the commissioning chief engineer’s order. At 12:30 of 18th, the unit was running, and at 18:37, the unit was running in full speed. At 9:24 of 19th, the generator was synchronized successfully. The maximum load was 87MW and the production was 6880,000 Kw•h.
  The success shows the effort of the Jerada Project’s staffs and builds firm foundation for the following trial running work.