SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Organizes Kick-off Meeting of 2017 Autumn Safety Checking


  On September 18th, Sa Ras Al Khair O&M Project organized the kick-off meeting of 2017 semi-annual EPC overseas O&M checking and 2017 autumn safety checking at the No. 1 meeting room. The leaders of EPC project and O&M project, the department managers and deputy managers and the principals attended the meeting.
  The HSE department firstly led the attendees to study the two notices of the checking and the safety checking plan. After that, the operation department and maintenance department separately introduced their execution plan.
  Mr. Ma Qingsheng, Deputy Manager of O&M Project and Safety Director, Mr. Zou Zhiyong, Manager of O&M Project, and Mr. Zhang Qing, Secretary of EPC Project, made requirements to the safety checking works.
  Since the beginning of the year, the safety situation of the project was maintained well. The electrical power production had reached 15 billion on September 7th, and the availability of the unit was good. Next, the project will implement the safety production policy of the head office and improve the safety management of the project.