Oman Salalah Phase II Project Finishes Boiler Pipes Blowing


  At local time 17:25 of September 21st, 2017, the pipes blowing works of the two boilers of Oman Salalah Phase II Block 20 was finished with the signature of the owner and Skoda (GT manufacture), which means all the boiler pipes blowing works for four boilers was finished.
  The boiler capacity is small, but the steam-water system is even more complex than the one of large-capacity boiler, with three drums and each drum has a steam system, so the boiler has three different pressure steam system. There is a reheat steam system. The project charges the work acceptance criteria using the German VGB standard and the audit is very strict.
  When making the program, the project considered the Suhor project and Ibri project together into the overall, fully consider the three projects’ boiler characteristics, planed a set of scientific and reasonable program, put forward procurement list of pipe, equipment, material meeting the three projects’ requirements, not only ensured the smooth operation of the blowing works, but also created the conditions for the parent company to save the costs due to purchasing temporary system and equipment materials.
  During the execution of the blowing work, the project commissioning team began to explore the tricks from the first boiler, and summed up the experience, using different methods for the characteristics of the three pressure systems, Method of mixing, different pressure system to improve the cascade and so on to improve the effect of blowing while reducing the blowing time in order to reduce fuel consumption and save the duration of the time, reduce human and material costs. Through the effort, the first boiler blowing with 6 days, the cumulative actual burst when the total use of about 49 hours (excluding shutdown time); the second boiler with 4 days, the cumulative actual burst when the total use of a substantial reduction to less than 25 hours; the third boiler with 3 days, the cumulative actual use of the total less than 20 hours when the total; the fourth boiler with 3 days, the cumulative actual burst when the total use of about 18 hours. The total time of boiler pipes blowing work was refreshed again and again, which showed the iron army spirit and working style clearly.
  Finally, the project commissioning team overcame all the difficulties and finished all the pipes blowing works of the project, which built firm foundation for the following works.