SA Ras Al Khair Project Organizes Training for Owners


  In order to improve the ability and skills of the owner’s chemical staff, strengthen their understanding to power plant chemical knowledge and finish the training task, SA Ras Al Khair Project organized a four-day chemical training for the owner’s chemical staff from October 2nd to 5th, 2017.
  The training combined theoretical learning and on-site practice which can help the trainees to study both the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills. Mr. Huang Bingfang and Mr. Zhu Jian, two chemical engineers, taught the course including chemical basic knowledge, desalting system, how to use lab instrument, sampling and dosing system, waste-water treatment system and shutdown maintenance.
  The owner spoke highly of the training and said that they really got the chemical knowledge.
  After the training, the project held the experience summarizing and spreading meeting.
  Mr. Huang shared his experience on the meeting, “Don’t be afraid to communicating, because you can get a long-term benefit from communication. When teaching the course, we can take some examples to enrich the course rather than only talking about the materials. Teamwork is important and three persons in one team can get the best result.”
  Mr. Huang’s experience brought a lot to others and strengthened their confidence to the training work.
  After the meeting, the attendees simulated the training and tried to teach the course.
  The chemical training and the experience spreading meeting shared great experience to the other majors’ trainings. Next, the project will make trainings on maintenance and operation. The teachers are now preparing training materials combing with the experience got from the chemical training and improving themselves in order to complete the training works for the owners.