SA Ras Al Khair Project Operation Department Gained a Grand Recognition from the Owner


  In order to celebrate the successful accomplish of maximum water production test, the owners held a simple yet grand recognition ceremony in the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair project gas-fired power plant operation manager office in the morning of January 14, 2018. The Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair project operation department manager Wu Haifeng ,maintenance department manager Li Guofu and other relevant personel attended the ceremony.
  In the ceremony, the operation department manager of owners Hamed M. Al Jehani highly affirmed the hardworking of the project O&M team, expressed thanks to the sincere cooperation of the O&M team, and awarded the medal to the operation team.
  In the morning of January 16th, SWCC operation manager Hamed M. Al Jehani came to the office of project operation department office once again to express the gratitude. The operation department manager Wu Haifeng had a pleasant talks with Hamed M. Al Jehani, and expressed his gratitude for the support from SWCC. Both sides agreed to continue to maintain close communication and cooperation in the next operation work. And they discussed the 2018 work plan at last.
  In all time, the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project firmly establishs the "satisfy the owners" concept, has overall planning and careful organization. Project O&M work continuously makes new achievements. In 2017, the annual power generation task was completed 68 days ahead, the annual total power generation is 21 billion 400 million kilowatt-hour, 3 billion 600 million kilowatt-hour beyond the task.
  The commendation ceremony represents the owner's full recognition of the O&M work and makes a good foundation for the successful implementation of the follow-up 3 years O&M contract.