SA Ras Al Khair Project Received Commendatory Letter from the Owner


  Recently, the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M Project received commendatory letter form the owner "SWCC Saudi Saline Water Conversion Corporation".
  In the letter, the owner of SWCC praised Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M team is the most reliable and most trusted partners. The O&M team excellent service fully guarantees the safe operation of the unit equipment, Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M team deserves the best praise, and they hope that in the future the two sides can work together to create greater achievements.
  The affirmation and praise of owner is the largest award of all staff of Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M project.
  In order to "satisfy the owner", since taking over the O&M work of project, the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project firmly establishs the concept that "Site is the Market "and" Four First ", takes the idea of making the company a famous brand in the Middle East O&M market as the focal point. By overall planning and scientific organization, our project successfully completes the smooth handover of unit O&M work and ensures the safe and stable operation of units.
  Since 2017, according to project management, implementation and the need of long term O&M contract, the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project carries out "management improvement, sink the management core" theme activities, forming the consensus that "department managers consider the question from the project manager's perspective; specialty professionals, chief shifts and group leaders consider the issue from the department manager's perspective. " The project adjusts the project organization structure scientifically, clarifies work ideas, innovates forms of management, coordinates the deployment and overcomes difficulties. Basing on safety and taking benefits as the criterion, the project also strengthens the O&M, equipment and personnel management to make the O&M work safe, stable and reliable. In the joint efforts of all staff, in 2017 the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project completed the annual power generation task 68 days ahead, the annual total generating 21 billion 400 million kilowatt-hour, year-on-year growth is 20%. At the same time, the project also supplies low pressure steam 28 million tons for Doosan factory. The "Five stops, five control" is fulfilled the whole year and the goal of safe production is successfully completed, and a solid foundation to win the three years long term O&M contract is made.
  During the Eid al Fitr, the total power plant generating capacity created by project O&M team reached to 2731MW/h, and the low pressure steam flow supplied for Doosan was 3610T/h, the " Meet the Peak, Spend the Summer and Guarantee Power Supply" work is successfully completed. And this won high praise of the owners, the owners specially held a celebration.
  The affirmation and praise of owner is also the maximum excitation of all staff of Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair O&M project.
  2018 is the first year of three years long term O&M contract, which has put forward higher requirements on the project of the production and management work, the Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project department defines 2018 as "the year of and strengthen the promotion". In the new year, Saudi Arabia Ras AL Khair Project will further implement the "Site is the market" concept and "Safety first, customer satisfaction" principle, sums up the experience of the past three years O&M work and turns the experience to measures to improve the management. With highly responsible attitude, the project will continue to carry out the project O&M work and make more contributions to expand the company brand in the overseas.