Huafeng Weiye IRBI Commissioning Team has Solved the GT and DCS Communication Problem


  The IRBI project is composed by four two- GT26-and-one-ST combined cycle units. The gas turbine control system is GE's Alspa Controgas, DCS adopts Emerson's Ovation 3.5.1, and the data exchange between them, such as GCB/HVCB feedback, gas turbine vibration, speed, gas composition, generator protection, etc. are mainly through the Open TCP protocol Modbus network. However, the gas turbine and the DCS are both master stations in the modbus communication network, and only one master station is allowed in a single modbus network, resulting in the difficulty of modbus communication between the gas turbine and the DCS.
  Right at when no progress has been making on this communication problem, in order to ensure smooth follow-up work and promote the overall progress of the project, Huafeng I&C Engineer Xu Ning and others actively exchanged ideas with the ANSALDO engineers, DCS manufacturers, designer and other parties repeatedly, raised Assumptions, made verifications and eventually boldly proposed the idea of using the NT100 module to isolate the communication between the GT and the DCS into two modbus subnets. This idea made a breakthrough for the communication work that was originally deadlocked.
  Due to the lack of relevant theories and practical experiences of the ANSALDOs and DCS manufacturers, Huafeng I&C commissioning engineer Xu Ning communicated and coordinated with the parties for many times to collect and study drawings and related equipment and system drawings. With his own professional knowledge and experience and the team collective strength, Xu Ning solved the problems one by one, such as the improper connection of optical cable, the host plant NT100 internal signal matching method error, the data transmission process exchange, NT100 FC1 and FC3 two communication function code and eventually realized the communication between the GT and the DCS.
  Thanks to Huafeng Yi IBRI commissioning staff’s bold assumptions and courageous practice, the communications between GT and DCS could be successfully established and follow-up work conducted smoothly. IBRI Project Department issued an appreciation letter for this achievement as recognition of the dare-to-do work spirit of the Huafeng IBRI Commissioning and Operation Team.