SA Ras Al Khair Project has Completed the Commissioning of Ventilation System Successfully which Add a New Security for the 2018 'Summer Peak'


  In March 6th, 2018, the SWCC supervisor of Arabia Ras AL Khair power plant closed the commissioning of 20UMB ventilation system RFI, marking the successful completion of commissioning and the putting into use of ventilation system, and adding a new security for the 2018 "summer peak"
  The ventilation system is a system that maintains micro-positive pressure, dust and sand protection in the turbine and turbine plant. The ventilation system of each UMA\UMB area of the 6 BLOCKs of Arabia Ras AL Khair power plant is composed of air supply unit and smoke exhaust unit. Due to the large area involved and the large number of units involved, the auxiliary equipment and control system are complicated which bring challenges to ventilation system commissioning.
  During the commissioning process, the commissioning personnel did not wait, dared to get started, and actively analyzed the problems encountered. In the commissioning team, a new atmosphere of “find and dare to deal with” emerged. At the same time, for the shortage of on-site personnel, the project department made decisive decisions, boldly started new recruits and participated in commissioning work.
  When commissioning the 50 UMB ventilation system, the interlock between the smoke exhaust fan and the air supply fan in the original commissioning plan should work like this: when the air supply fan is normally started, the 3 exhaust fans are turned on automatically. But during the verification experiment with the manufacturer. the pressure in the plant is always less than the designed pressure. After a long period of observation and analysis, the commissioning personnel discovered that when the air supply fan unit started normally, the interlock started one unit of smoke exhaust fan automatically, the pressure in the plant was approaching equilibrium, and the pressure in the plant meet the designed pressure.
  The commissioning personnel communicated with the supervisor and the manufacturer several times on this situation. After a period of commissioning with the manufacturer's technical personnel, the manufacturer's technicians also considered that the exhaust fan interlock automatically start one unit was more suitable than three units for the actual site need, which can not only reduce equipment loss but also reduce plant power consumption. The original ventilation system has been successfully modified by the original logic, and this won high recognition and praise from SWCC's supervisors.
  The successful application of the ventilation system at the Arabia Ras AL Khair power plant has ensured the cleanliness of the interior of the gas turbine and the turbine plant, greatly reduced the dust on the surface of the equipment in the plant, reduced the amount of maintenance work for maintenance personnel, and greatly improved the area of the plant. The auxiliary equipment operating environment has provided new guarantees for the successful completion of “summer peak” in the extremely high temperature environment of the Arabia Ras AL Khair power plant.