Only Chinese can Make it——SA Yanbu III C&O Team has Completed the OM Manual Successfully and Deliver It to the Supervisor as Scheduled


  Recently, under the unremitting efforts of Huafeng Weiye Company's Saudi Yanbu III trial operation team, a total of four volumes and 76 books, 13.2G file capacity and 165327 pages OM Manual A version was successfully completed, and it was delivered the supervisor on time. The key reviewer of the owner said, "Only you Chinese can do it!"
  At the beginning of last June and when Saudi Arabia Yanbu III trail operation team began to establish, the company’s leadership and after-sales service center pointed out that the biggest difficulty for Saudi Arabia Yanbu III trail operation project was the preparation and submission of the OM manual. This is also a difficult problem everybody knows in the company.
  The reason why the problem is difficult is that in many cases it is because there are many subjective and objective factors that objectively restrict the solution of the problem. At that time, various unfavorable factors faced the commissioning team and restricted the development of the OM manual.
  First, the OM manual must be written in accordance with the 660-pages "regulations" of SWCC;
  Second, it requires English native language engineers to write;
  Third, the massive 160G data is purely unclassified in English and there is no host data;
  Fourth, only 4 months from the establishment of the layout to delivery;
  Fifth, the few people who have been in contact with the SWCC manual are not allowed to transfer to Yanbu because they are in key positions in other projects;
  Sixth, it is very difficult to recruit qualified personnel;
  Seventh, the newly formed team members' English is generally poor due to the fact that they do not use English for a long time;
  Eighth, everyone is unfamiliar with Western advanced management concepts and practices;
  Ninth, the owners and supervisors do not reply to the layout confirmation for up to three months
  In the face of difficult problems, the commissioning team, in the spirit of not losing the chain, contending for the company, and striving for the Chinese people, faced difficulties and made countermeasures one by one. Responsibilities were fulfilled and the execution was put in place. The “stumbling block” was won by one by one. Manual preparation work "Icebreaking" forward.
  First, the project leader participated in the entire process, guided the correct direction and established the preparation method;
  Second, all the staff participate in the study of PPM and understand its spirit and hard regulations;
  Third, all members participate in the preparation of one device first, and take action separately after gaining experience;
  Fourth, the project formulates a work plan, strictly implements the plan, and never discount;
  Fifth, all members automatically give up the holidays, work 14-16 hours one day, and race against time;
  Sixth, the project persists in contact with the supervisors, determines the template, and not repeat the road;
  Seventh, the project established a suspiciousness form and record it at any time, and then regularly solve any doubts so that you do not lose everything.
  Eighthly, the project solves the common and typical problems existing in various professions on a regular basis and helps everyone to overcome obstacles.
  Ninth, the project formulates preparation methods and techniques for everyone to share and improve the efficiency of preparation;
  Tenth, for difficult professions, all team members help together and never let anyone fall behind.
  Eleventh, the project let everyone learn English every day and persist for a long time, which is of great benefit to reading and understanding information.
  Twelve, after entering the site, the project obtained first-hand information to increase the liveliness and accuracy of the OM manual.
  Thirteen, the project strictly implemented of the prescribed format, without any low-level errors such as any format;
  The method is always more than difficulty! The Yanbu III trial operation team insisted on this idea. After unremitting efforts, it finally succeeded in realizing its commitment to the owner. On February 25, 2018, the manual was submitted. The key reviewer of the property owner commented: “The level of your first edition has surpassed the third edition of Samsung (Saltwater Desalination and Maintenance) in South Korea!” “Only you Chinese can do it!”
  This is the first time the company independently completed the SWCC's OM manual. It is also the OM manual with the least amount of personnel, the shortest time, and high quality. In the next step, the Yanbu III trial run team will use this as an opportunity to promote the style of trial operation of the unit and make persistent efforts to show the company's operation and maintenance capabilities to the owners.