Huafeng Weiye Myanmar Thaketa C&O Project has Completed Commissioning and Operation Work Successfully


  As the project commissioning and operation side, the Huafeng Weiye Myanmar Thaketa commissioning and operation project department was established in March 2016. With the help of the head of the headquarters and with the help of the EPC project department, preparations for commissioning and trail operation are completed as quickly as possible.
  During the process of commissioning and operation, the project department fully implemented the spirit of the company’s commissioning and operation integrated management, mobilized team dynamics to the greatest extent, complemented each other’s strengths, and collaborated closely to fully demonstrate the advantages of the integration of commissioning and operation.
  Faced with such unfavorable conditions as tight schedules, tight staff, high work intensity, and cross-construction on site, the project commissioning and operation team, under the leadership of the project team, worked together to promote the “proactive, dedicated, and persistent” iron military style, took completing the EPC project node with high quality as the goal, arrived site in advance to carry out the work, communicated closely with the installation, civil engineering and other professional, found the installation defects and tail works , fed back and coordinated to solve the existing problems, used commissioning to promote installation and used operation to regulate site . Through summing up experience, scientific planning, careful arrangement, and overtime work to promote progress, the project has successfully completed the power transmission, chemical discharge of qualified water, gas turbine ignition, gas turbine synchronization, boiler blowpipe, steam turbine rotation, and combined cycle startup, 168 reliability operation and other key milestones.
  The commissioning and operation team also focused on long-term operation while working intensively. They did not miss any defects in the system that could affect the long-term stable operation of the equipment. While delivering a satisfactory answer sheet to the EPC project department, they also laid a good foundation for the long-term operation and maintenance.
  In the “Invitation Letter” inviting the company to participate in the completion ceremony and opening ceremony, the owners expressed high recognition for the work of the project commissioning and operation team. They wrote:
  “Since the start of the project, with the close cooperation and efficient operation of the participating parties and your commissioning team, the project has succeeded in achieving synchronization and power generation before peak hours in Myanmar. From March, the power plant will be used as the main power source. Continuing to provide reliable power supply to the Yangon region, it will become the most efficient and least energy-consuming power plant for natural gas generators currently operating in Myanmar. Ministers of the Ministry of Power and other officials have placed great hopes on the project and have inspected and expressed many times. We highly praised the high-efficiency and high-quality advancement of the two companies’ projects. The successful completion of the project will once again demonstrate the Chinese speed and the quality of China to the Myanmar government and people, and establish another benchmark for Sino-Myanmar power cooperation."
  On March 17, 2018, the Completion Ceremony and Opening Ceremony of the Thaketa Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in Myanmar was held on the project site. Peng Hong, Party branch secretary and deputy general manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, was invited to attend the event as a commissioning and O&M representative. During the period, he paid a special visit to Dong Fan, the general manager of the owner side joint energy company.
  During the talks, Dong Fan gave high recognition to the team’s performance in the commissioning and operation phase. He believed that the work ability and work style demonstrated by the project team during the commissioning and operation phase fully demonstrated the iron spirit of the iron army, created the standard that the benchmarking project should have. For the project’s commercial operation and maintenance phase, Dong Fan put forward higher expectations and requirements for the project commissioning and operation team.
  Secretary Peng expressed his gratitude to the owners for their continuous support and high recognition for the project team. Secretary Peng said that the company attaches great importance to the Thaketa project and even to the Myanmar regional market. In the next project O&M work, the company will fully support the project department in the project O&M work, and also hopes that the two parties can work together closely and hand in hand. To achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, the Thaketa project will be operated as a benchmark project in order to repay the owner’s expectations and further develop the Myanmar market.
  On March 17th, after attending the completion ceremony and opening ceremony of the power plant, Secretary Peng visited the power plant site, staff canteens and dormitories, and held a project work conference accompanied by the leader of the commissioning and operation project. At the meeting, Secretary Peng pointed out that the project commissioning phase has ended. In the next O&M work, the project department should change its thinking, adjust its thinking, fully recognize the political significance of the project, and go all out to do a good job of the project. And we should work hard to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, strive to make the Thaketa project a local benchmark project. Through excellent on-site implementation, we can create a good reputation to further develop the local market.
  The affirmation of the owners and the arrival of Secretary Peng have all greatly encouraged the morale of commissioning, operation and maintenance team of the Thaketa project, and encouraged all the staff to work hard and advance toward the goal of striving for benchmarking. Next, Myanmar Thaketa project O&M team will redouble their efforts to carry forward the spirit of the iron army, to take the initiative to take the initiative and forge ahead to meet the project’s commercial O&M work, and strive to deliver a satisfactory answer for the company and the owner.