The first Batch of Independent Recruited Foreign Employees at SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Obtained the Independent Duty Qualifications


  In order to further deepen the localization strategy, explore the operation mode of overseas O&M projects and further reduce the costs on the basis of ensuring the safe and stable operation of the units, the Saudi Arabia Zwar O&M project department had launched the proposal of independent recruitment of Indian and Pakistani boldly at the beginning of last year after analyzing and summarizing the foreign subcontracting model in the previous period existing the multiple management and difficult implementation of assessment and incentive. And this process of foreignization of employees will be gradually promoted.
  Ras Al Zhair O&M project department had gradually established a new model of training foreign operation personnel from the recruitment to training and then to independent duty qualification after exploration and practice. The first batch of 16 Indian and Pakistani employees had passed the safety education, rules regulations and corporate culture presentation, they obtained the qualification for independent dutyafter passed the test and entered the operation department post according to the requirement in the March of this year.
  To ensure the smooth implementation of the proposal, the project department has carried out Pakistani recruitment and has organized more than 200 interviews since March last year, we have successfully selected the first batch of around 30 elite from Pakistani domestic top universities including Air University and student abroad of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Subsequently, the project department follow up their visa work. Through unremitting efforts we finally helped the first batch of foreign students smoothly entered the project site as planned in August after overcome the adverse effects of tightening of visa policy.
  Immediately afterwards, the project department organized and carried out the training work in accordance with the “first centralization and then decentralization” training policy.
  “First centralization”, the operation department arranged a week-long unit current situation overview, basic knowledge and professional training. The project department gave an overall report to the three outstanding foreign students and encouraged all the team to study actively. The project department organized trainees and team management personnel to hold meeting discussion. The face to face exchanges have deepened the mutual understanding each other and also enhanced the sense of honor and belong of the trainees, which laying the foundation for the successful completion of the training.
  "Post-distribution" refers to the practice of one-to-one training in the form of "tutors and disciples" after the trainees are assigned to each team. After the establishment of the mentoring relationship, the masters have provided a clear understanding of the production process of the Ras Al Khair Power Plant by a series of practical guidance trainings that are tailored to the site and have mastered the basic inspection knowledge and some employees have achieved independent post qualification. After nearly a half year of training and learning, from the initial language barriers to the current smooth communication, the trainees gradually recognized the management model of the O&M team. The first group of 16 Indian and Pakistani employees gradually incorporated in all aspects of work and life with O&M team.
  Irfan is a foreign employee from Pakistan. He is very good at work and is very sedate yet full of enthusiasm. After the master led him to inspect, he was always seen to search the system with drawings by himself and asked the teachers to inquire some technical questions. Admission to study for five months, Iran often found out the equipment defects in the process of inspecting with his earnest and practical spirit. He received the affirmation of the main duty and shift supervisor and commendation from the team repeatedly. In this first post evaluation of the foreign employees, Irfan obtained the independent post qualification with the best scores.
  There are altogether 16 foreign employees gained the independent post qualification from this evaluation and entered posts as required, which in fact marks a progress achievement by the project in recruiting foreign employees. Next, SA Ras Al Khair project will continue to introduce the foreign employees according to the management experience of the first group of foreign workers, in order to achieve lower operating costs and optimize O&M strength, to ensure the O&M level and the purpose of occupying O&M markets.