The Morocco Jerada 1*350 MW Coal-fired Power Plant has been Continuously and Safely Running for 100 Days


  Until local time 11:15 on April 19th, 2018 , the Morocco Jerada 1*350 MW coal-fired power plant has been continuously and safely running for 100 days. Now the equipment is running in good condition and all indicators and parameters of the unit are stable. The Morocco Jerada O&M project has achieved the first goal of 100-day continuous and safe operation of the unit in this year.
  Since the COD of the unit at 11:16 on December 18th, 2017, with the high concern and support from the company leaders and all departments, the Jerada O&M project has overcome various difficulties and actively carried out various tasks. The operation technicians carefully inspected the facilities and meticulously operated, meanwhile the maintenance team meticulously repaired, carefully crafted, and successively dealt with the series of major problems such as the DCS crash due to the failure of the card, and the boiler coking caused by the change of the coal type which supplied by the owner.
  With the unremitting efforts of all staff in Jerada O&M project, the first 100-day goal of continuous safe operation of the unit has achieved, and the comprehensive safety management level of the project has been upgraded to a new level. Up to now, the cumulative power generation has reached 822,703.39MW.h, and the unit has been running for 2,924 hours. At the same time, the defect elimination rate of the unit is 98%. More than 60 systems and plans have been formulated, and the production data of the project department continues to achieve new targets.
  As the first overseas coal-fired generating unit commercial operation and maintenance project of Huafeng Weiye, and the first coal-fired project in North Africa, the Morocco Jerada project is full of confidence and determined to build the project into a benchmark project for the coal-fired unit of the company.
  In the future work of the project, the management will be rigorous and meticulous, the tasks will be decomposed into the all staff, the measures will be detailed, and the implementation will be implemented in a close-knit manner. All employees will be required to carefully operate the equipment, carefully monitor the DCS, and adjust the system parameters of the unit in a timely manner; Strengthen the training of all staff to eliminate gen-set problems caused by misoperation; the equipment needs to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers, conduct the full coverage of the equipment, ensure zero dead angle management, and careful analyze of the causes of the defects, in order to prevent large accidents, make closed-loop rectification within limited time , lay a solid equipment foundation for the equipment, do a good job of equipment spare parts management, and optimize the unit overhaul program.
  All employees of the project department will continue to uphold the “Science, Professionalism, Perseverance, and Excellence” spirit, while ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment, continue to work hard to continuously climb new peaks and compete for new achievements!