Huafeng Weiye Company Held the Working Conference of the Commissioning Special Committee of China Electric Power Construction Association Successfully


  From April 16th to 18th, 2018, the revision meeting of the power engineering commissioning committee of the China Electric Power Construction Association, commissioned by Huafeng Weiye Company, was successfully held at the Qingdao headquarters. 27 experts from 16 member organizations at various levels of CEPCA conducted in-depth discussions and studies on the revision of the 2018 version of the relevant management methods for power project commissioning. Zhang Huanxiang, deputy general manager and chief engineer of the company, Ni Jiawei, deputy chief engineer and general manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, Peng Hong, party general secretary and deputy general manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, and chief engineer Lv Tao attended the meeting together. Zhang Huanxiang representative company gave a welcome speech.
  At the meeting, Xu Wen, director of the Corporate Department of CEPCA, made a speech. Director Xu analyzed the internal and external situations, challenges and opportunities faced by the commissioning industry, and put forward opinions and suggestions on commissioning enterprises to improve quality, increase efficiency, transform and upgrade, and enhance competitiveness. In response to the revision of the related management methods for power engineering commissioning companies, Director Xu pointed out that with the development of the market economy, the association will play an increasingly important role in industry management and other aspects. All member companies should actively participate in association management, and the association will also focus on Provide corresponding services to promote the development of enterprises. With the increase of overseas projects for commissioning companies, all member companies must abide by international rules, keep up with international development trends, put safety and quality first, and work hard on technological revolution and innovation, and take the path of healthy competition to serve the country. The "One Belt, One Road" strategy has contributed to the further advancement.
  During the meeting, deputy general manager Liu Fashu, deputy general manager and chief engineer Zhang Huanxiang exchanged views with experts. Zhang Huanxiang accompanied the participating experts to visit the company’s honor room and introduced the company’s development history and achievements. The experts of the CEPCA highly praised the company’s achievements in safe and civilized debugging, process quality control, and other aspects. The Liaoning Electric Power Research Institute, Shandong Electric Power Research Institute, China General Nuclear Power Group and many other companies also shared their own characteristic project commissioning management experience.
  Through the hosting of this meeting, the communication between the company and the China Electric Power Construction Association and member units at all levels was further enhanced. It was highly recognized and recognized by leaders and experts, and demonstrated the company’s excellent management and execution capabilities. The company’s influence and visibility in the industry.