Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Domestic Training Report (1)


The Training Program of Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan Project began on Nov 8th, 2014 and the second batch of trainees has arrived on Nov 15th; the first period of 5-day theory training for respective major is done and now the training is in Site Training stage. Right now there are 24 Indonesia trainees here. With the team work of the whole project crew, the training program is under smooth progress.
In the first training stage, Huafeng Weiye Company conducted 5-day theory training for respective major and the trainees thought highly of the training of Mechanical, Electrical and Chemistry majors. During the theory training, the trainees and the trainers interacted with each other a lot and the training has achieved great results. After receiving the safety training and taking an exam, the trainees moved on to site training with the guidance of trainers in different majors and the training achieved great results.
On Nov 15th, two I&C Indonesian trainees conducted on-site training with I&C Shift One together with an interpreter. After learning the basic instruments on site, they went to the office of I&C Shift Two and asked Engineer Xue some questions and she explained to them over tea by showing them the actual instruments or diagrams. She also told them in great details about the operating procedures and instructions in daily maintenance. Then they also visited the central control room of water treatment, electrical room of water treatment. In the whole process, the two Indonesian trainees showed great eagerness to learn by asking the questions and taking notes. This site training enriches their understanding of I&C and their admiration of the skills of the I&C engineers here. They were grateful for the reception of I&C workers here.  
In order to make sure that the training program in China is successful, besides conducting daily training, the Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan Project of Huafeng Weiye Company held many activities, like Pingpang, rope skipping, and balloon volleyball and so on; on this Sunday the project organized the trainees to go shopping in order to make their training here pleasant and comfortable.
Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan (2X110MW)CFB Project is located in Balikpapan, Kaltim-Teluk, Indonesia. The project is invested by Perusahaan Listrik Negara (State Electric Company of Indonesia) with Sinohydro as its EPC contractor. Huafeng Weiye Company is responsible for the training program in China, site O&M guidance, compiling O&M Manual and technical support in trial operation.