Huafeng Weiye Company Morocco Jerada O&M Project Organized a Training for the Owner Staff


  On 9:00am of May 14th, 2018, Huafeng Weiye Company O&M team of Morocco Jerada project has begun a ten-day centralized training for the owner staff.
  In accordance with the requirements of O&M contract, this training is regarded as an important milestone of Huafeng Weiye Jerada O&M project. In this case, fully communicating with the owner, the project management attached great importance to the training. They have prepared detailed training programs and schedules, and not only that, determined a reasonable timetable and training contents.
  It’s too much difficult to prepare the training on account of the insufficient preparation time and local Ramadan. In order to ensure the training could be conducted effectively as scheduled, although the relevant personnel were too busy, they felt no hurry and confusion. While ensuring the on-site operation and maintenance work, without rest time, they worked overtime to prepare training course PPT and its translation.
  On the first training day, with the vivid PPT training method and accurate translation, it gained full affirmation and praise from the training participants, which in effect established a well begun for the successful completion of this training.