Nigeria Project Organizes Plant Black Out Emergency Exercise


  In order to improve the staffs’ awareness and reaction ability to emergencies, Huafeng Weiye Company Nigeria Ogun O&M Project organizes the plant black out emergency exercise to insure the staffs could judge the reasons quickly and accurately and take the effective treating measure with the plant black out emergency.
  The emergency was set as that the local grid power-lossing leads to the plant black out. Before the exercise, Mr. Cao Baoming, Manager of Safety and Quality Department, took the safety preach and emphasized the safe operation requirements. Mr. Yang Jian, Operation Shift Leader, arranged the works and required the operators to operate the works by following the PTWs.
  The exercise was started, then the operators reported the failures happened in the key links and started the emergency plan of plant black out. With the staffs’ cooperation, all the service power, service water, turbines and electrical devices were recovered.
  After the exercise, Mr. Liu Dianrui, Manager of Production Department, made the conclusion, summarized the experience and disadvantages, proposed comments and suggestions and realized the intended target.