Report of Management Improvement Year, Oman Ibri Project Achieves Success on Interdisciplinary Commissioning Talents Training


  2018 is Huafeng Weiye Company’s year of management improvement and the first improvement task is to improve and innovate the idea. Training the comprehensive professional talents is an important part of the company’s idea innovation to make the company to be more competitive, which takes the intention of training the comprehensive talents and motivating the staffs’ potential abilities and the main idea of training the talents and solving the problems. As the first group of pilot projects of the company, Ibri Project achieved great success on interdisciplinary talents training.
  The training was started from making the staffs to be comprehensive and strengthening the second discipline. The project encouraged the staffs to select a second discipline and study more of the knowledge of the second discipline. The training of the second discipline combined the on-site training with the theoretical training and was led by the discipline managers.
  The gas turbine of the project is the GT26 produced by ANSALDO which is more complex than GE and SIEMENS because of its EV and SEV combustors and OTC high-low-pressure cooling system. Mr. Xu Ning, the I&C manager of the project, explained the I&C knowledge repeatedly to Li Pengfei, Wang Xing and Zhuang Yang and taught them to check the logic Mr. Li Pengfei, the GT manager, specifically made the second discipline training software and carried out the training every evening to teach the structure of GT26, the work content and the matters needing attention. The trainers and trainees discussed lively and all the members got great benefit from the trainings.
  The success of the training shows the iron army working style and the staffs’ team work spirit. Next, the project staffs will study and work harder to be the comprehensive talents to make more contribution to the company’s development.