The Second GT Training Is Ended


  On June 29th, 2018, the closing ceremony of the second GT O&M pre-job training organized by Huafeng Weiye Company and HTG Training School was held in the function hall of Shandong Industrial Technician College. Mr. Li Shanggang, Vice President of Huafeng Weiye Company, Mr. Liu Guilin, Vice President of HTG Training School, Mr. Liu Qiang, Manager Assistant, Mr. Li Zhijie, Director of Mechanic and Electronic Engineering, the training teachers, the new staffs and students attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, HR Manager of Huafeng Weiye Company, held the ceremony.
  Firstly, the student representative made speech about training impression, and 6 excellent students were given the certificate of honor.
  After that, Mr. Li Shanggang appreciated the school and the teachers and congratulated to the new staffs. He explained the company’s echelon buildings of talents and the meaning of the training and hoped that the students could study harder in their future job positions. He made the following requirements:
  The first, adapt the company and change the role. Combine the dreams with the reality. Follow the company’s rules and regulations.
  The second, be honest and cooperative. Achieve the personal values with the awareness of the organization and team work.
  The third, set the goal of lifelong learning. Learn more from the works and study the skills carefully.
  The fourth, to be the master and strive for excellence. Be the one who is respectful, dedicatory and capable.
  Mr. Liu Guilin hoped that the students could study harder and work harder and finally change their destiny through the company.
  Mr. Li Zhijie hoped the students realize their ambitions with good spirit in the future jobs.
  Mr. Jiang gave guidance about ‘Five Changes’ to the students to help them to be pillars of the company.
  The GT training is an important measure of building the talent team and reserve the talents to the company and the guarantee of executing the GT projects and developing the business. The 34 students finished the training within 4 months and will be sent to the production line.