SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Receives Praise from the Owner to Safety Management Work


  On July 8th, 2018, SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project received a letter of appreciation from the owner. Mr. Anazi, the manager of the power plant, appreciated the project’s safety management work in the letter.
  The owner appreciated the O&M team for their works of executing the SWCC safety management rules and standards, affirmed their working level and believed that the O&M team could provide high-quality service in the future.
  The praise is the feedback and the feeling from the owner to the project’s works but also the affirmation from the owner to the company.
  Since the beginning of the project, the O&M project abides by the local laws, executes the contract and the SWCC safety management rules and standards and provides high-quality service to the owner. The project always catches up with the time limit and completes the production goals. At the same time, the project insists in improvement on every work and detail to show our professional O&M capacity.
  The praise enhanced the staffs’ morale of working hard. Next, the project will implement the company’s mission and provide better service to the owner with professional skills and efficient execution.