Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Domestic Training Report (2)


The Training Program of Indonesia PLTU Kaltim-Teluk Balikpapan Project is underway. The task of this week was on joint class training, major separated theory training, simulating machine training, covering the fields of boiler, steam turbine, electric, I&C and chemical.
In steam turbine training, the main training points focused on how turbine works, body structure, control of main parameters.
In electric training, main electric equipment, their functions, rated voltage,  voltage grade and matters needing attention in operation were taught.
In I&C training, working principle of pressure gauge, transmitter, electric actuator,  pneumatic actuator and control valve were explained as well as matters needing attention in equipment maintenance.
Failure prediction. Site failure prediction was taught at the same time in classroom teaching. Failure treatment, treating procedure, and report mechanism were shared.
The trainees were active in asking questions to lecturer. Atmosphere of communication, discuss and learning was quite warm.
Next week, continue the simulating operating, major separated and site practice training. Welcome Owner and managers from Sinohydro to visit and guide. Prepare to send the first group trainees back home. Prepare the interpretation work in classroom. Complete trainee file management stage accordingly. Arrange recreational and sports activities.