Owners of Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project Visit the Project


  On July 25th, 2018, Mr. Yang Jianjun, SVP of Yunneng Guoji Hongkong Company, President of Kunming Company, Deputy Secretary of Party Work Committee, Mr. Zhang Zhongtong, Vice President of Kunming Company, Mr. Zhang Jianlin, Manager of Construction Management Department, Ms. Li Rongrong, Manager of Administration Department, Mr. Hong Zhenquan, Deputy Manager of Operating Management Department, Mr. Ma Le, Administration Assistant, visited the Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project.
  The owners visited the Thaketa Power Plant, CC Building, Maintenance Building, Chemical Water Workshop and Production Building accompanied by the project leaders and communicated with the O&M staffs.
  Mr. Wang Jian, Project Manager, held the meeting to welcome the owners. Mr. Wang introduced the operating states to the owners, summarized the O&M works since February 28th and explained the year-end goal and long-term management plan.
  Mr. Yang highly appreciated the project’s works and expressed sympathy to the staffs. Mr. Yang said that the project’s O&M concept, professional service, excellent work style and spirit were remarkable. He also hoped the project will take the power plant as a chance to further develop the market in Myanmar and even the Southeast Asia.
  The owners’ visiting deepened the perception and communication between the owner and the O&M team and inspired the moral. Next, the project will implement the owner-oriented concept and the owner’s policies, enhance the project management and safe production, and give feedback to the owner and the company with practical action.