THU Teacher and Students Visit Myanmar Thaketa Power Plant


  On July 26th, 2018, Professor Wang Can, Director of Tsinghua University Environmental Planning and Management, Vice Director of THU Global Sustainable Development Research Institute, Expert of New Investigation on Silk Road, led the students of the investigation visited Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project. Mr. Sun Jianhua, Vice Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhang Xiaolei, the owner’s Vice Operation Manager, and the managers of the project maintenance department and administration department welcomed them.
  Mr. Sun introduced the O&M works to the teacher and students: the project has political significance in Myanmar. Our company is responsible to the commissioning, trial running and commercial operation and maintenance works of the project. In the commissioning period, the project finished the energization, chemical water making, ignition, synchronization, boiler blowing, steam turbine running, combined cycle setting up and 168 reliable running works with the iron army spirit and the staffs’ joint effort, put the power plant into commercial operation on February 28th, and won recognition from the Ministry of Electric Power.
  Mr. Sun said that the project shows the Chinese speed and Chinese quality to Myanmar. In the commercial O&M period, the project is still confident to finish the annual power generation task.
  After that, the teacher and students communicated with Mr. Sun about the local personnel allocation, O&M management, similar unit efficiency in Rangoon, ST in Myanmar, made in China, cooperation with GE, and Mr. Sun’s explanation won applause from the teacher and students.
  Professor Wang appreciated the company and made good wishes to the company.
  The New Investigation of Silk Road is a specific overseas practical investigation of responding to the Belt and the Road. The investigation team is composed by 9 teachers and students from different colleges, and they will visit relevant organizations and companies in 9 days led by Professor Wang.