Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Works Hard on GT7 Expanded Medium Maintenance


  Since starting the GT7 expanded medium maintenance, the project O&M team paid high attention to the work and overcame all the difficulties to promote the work, and the personnel and time adjusting and the staffs’ joint effort also insured the expanded medium maintenance.
  During the maintenance, the O&M team carefully implemented the regulations and measures of the maintenance plan, strictly controlled the safety supervision and quality acceptance, constantly tracked the work and situations and timely treated the problems to insure the maintenance work. The electrical works had been finished and the staffs are cooperating with the mechanical staffs. The I&C staffs had finished 90% of the work and insured the normal trial running of the main devices. The mechanical staffs are working on replaced components acceptance and had finished 16 key points, 10 days ahead of the schedule. The safety management staffs participated into the checking and supervision from the beginning, so there is none accident since starting the work. All the principals controlled the quality in accordance with the quality acceptance standards. All the staffs are working hard on the maintenance work.
  At present, the reinstallation of the replaced components (rotor blades, complex ring and nozzle) has been almost finished. All the staffs are working hard on the site with the iron army spirit, which builds firm foundation for advanced electricity generation.