Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project Finishes Maintenance Work of Combined Cycle Unit


  On August 21st, 2018, with the joint effort of Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project staffs, the project finished the maintenance work of the combined cycle unit, and the unit has been synchronized and operated with full load.
  This is the first shutdown maintenance after the 168 reliable operation which covered 6 specialties of gas turbine, steam turbine, boiler, chemistry, electric and I&C. In order to insure the work, Mr. Wang Jian, Project Manager, set up the leadership team to carefully organize and carry out the work on safety, quality, schedule, civilized construction, material supply and logistical support. Aiming at the defects and abnormal phenomena, the project paid attention to the key problems: checked the sliding key system of steam turbine for ST front bearing vibration tripping transformer; checked the lube oil pump for #1 GT lube oil pump abnormal noise; blocked the enclosed busbar wall bushing for generator enclosed busbar air leakage.
  Cleaning the circulation water basins is a key work to the maintenance. The team made specific plan and organized all the operators to the cleaning job. With the leading of the operation director, the staffs worked for 5 rainy days and finished the job on August 12th in advance.
  The project also finished some temporary jobs by following the owner’s requirement, such as opposite GIS switch station electrical equipment maintenance and EPC project support.
  Since beginning the maintenance work on August 4th, the project paid attention to quality and standard, implemented all the safe working requirements, worked hard on personnel management and coordination and safety management, insured the maintenance work a lot.
  Up to August 21st, the project had finished 25 scheduled maintenance jobs, 28 defects elimination jobs and 2 technical reform works, finished all the works with high quality and no accident, insured the unit’s safe and steady operation, guaranteed the summer peak for the grid, built firm foundation for the works of the next half year and also won appreciation from the owner with their excellent jobs.