Owner Appreciate Nigeria Ogun O&M Project for Finishing GT7 Expanded Maintenance Ahead of Time


  On August 23rd, 2018, with the staffs’ joint effort, Nigeria Ogun O&M Project finished GT7 expanded medium maintenance work and started up the unit with all the qualified parameters and passed the 72hs trial running on 26th. The work lasted for 36 days and was finished 18 days ahead of scheduled time, which won appreciation from both the owner and GE company and also built form foundation for the following power generation work.
  There were totally more than 40 items including replacing turbine 1, 2 and 3 level moving blade, complex ring, nozzle and combustion parts and repairing #2 bearing pad for the GT7 maintenance work.
  In order to insure the work, the project planned carefully and worked strictly in accordance with the standards and specifications to do the job.
  The project firstly made and optimized the maintenance plan with the owner and GE engineers and perfected the maintenance skills combining with the advanced maintenance cases to guarantee the work with manpower and technology.
  Secondly, made the withdrawal tools by themselves and spares plan with the concept of cost controlling.
  During the maintenance, the project did the job by following the GE maintenance standard and specification strictly and set up the specific accepting team to control the quality. The team repaired the problems with the owner and GE engineers on the site, which won recognition from both the owner and GE and also helped the project to know the operating mode of GE, be acquainted with the maintenance standard of new equipment, expanded the staffs’ maintenance knowledge and improved the team’s professional abilities.
  The owner appreciated the project with certificate of merit for the maintenance and trial running works. The trial running of GT7 has significant meaning due to it used upgraded GE parts firstly. The project will summarize the experience for future jobs.