Morocco Noor Project Studies Commissioning and Operation Technology of Solar Thermal Power Station


  In order to response to the target of ‘developing green hope project’, better perfect the advantage of solar thermal power station EPCO and further improve the commissioning and operation technology value of solar thermal power station, Morocco Noor Project established the team for learning solar thermal power station and made clear learning target: the commissioning team should learn the core technologies of mirror field and fused salt and the whole commissioning process; the operation team should be acquainted with the normal power island operation and mirror field and fused salt system operation.
  The team made detailed learning plan and led all the staffs to study the technology. The project also set up specific study team: I&C was in charge of mirror field system, boiler focused on fused salt system, ST took charge of BOP system. The team organized the staffs to learn the knowledge in every Wednesday’s evening and shared the latest research findings and learning materials.
  At the beginning, since SENER kept the core techniques to themselves only, the team had little materials to study. However, the team still overcame all the difficulties to gather and translate the materials, and the staffs also gathered the data from their daily jobs. They combined the materials with the commissioning works and finally achieved a lot on heliostat commissioning, hot tank salt injection, solar tower water circulation testing and cold tank preheating.
  The team tidied up the problems happening in the commissioning works did by SENER and summarized their own commissioning process and organization managing method and made a set of basic commissioning material of solar thermal power station to help the headquarter to develop the market and guide the next solar thermal commissioning project.
  The team holds the concept of developing with the company and improves the staffs’ technical abilities by studying and learning and pursues to improve our independent commissioning and operating abilities of solar thermal power stations.