Mr. Wang Li Visits SA Ras Al Khair Project


  Mr. Wang Li, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of SEPCOIII, and Mr. Chen Yunpeng, GM Assistant and MENA Vice President, visited the Ras Al Khair Project from October 16th to 17th, 2018.
  Mr. Wang and Mr. Chen visited CCR, chemical workshop and GT and ST plants of BLOCK40 accompanied by the O&M project leaders on 17th. Mr. Wang gave suggestion to the project.
  After that, the project organized a work conference, and the project leaders and department managers attended the meeting. Mr. Chen conveyed the owner, SWCC’s appreciation. He said that the O&M project worked really hard and finished a lot of jobs with the iron army spirit, he hoped the project could work harder for the following operation and market-developing works.
  Mr. Wang appreciated the O&M project for its excellent execution and achievements. Then he analyzed the present international market positioning of the company, the company’s core competitiveness and developing strategic direction.
  At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang made following requirements to the O&M jobs combining with the company’s development strategy and the project’s actual situation.
  1. Strengthen non-traditional safety management. Facing with the changeable environment, the project should pay more attention to non-traditional safety and should make relevant measures, plans and systems combining with the local political, economic, cultural and climatic environments.
  2. Build the O&M chain. The O&M team should set the goal of building the O&M chain and string the projects in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa under SEPCOIII brand to rotate the talents and maintain the team’s dynamics and competitiveness.
  3. Set international standard of power station O&M. The O&M team should use our advantages of being the first to work abroad, our overseas O&M experience and our popularity to try to set the international standard of power station O&M.
  The visiting gave clear idea and direction to the project and energized the project. Next, the project will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder to make the project to be an excellent project and further develop the market for the company.