Pakistan Haveli O&M Project Organizes English Learning Activity


  At 19:00 of October 22nd, 2018, Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organized an English test to examine the learning result of the all-staff English learning activity organized by following the company’s arrangement and also to set the basis for the following English learning content and training method.
  A few days ago, Huafeng Weiye Company made the English learning arrangement according to the requirements of executing the overseas project and constructing the talent team. After that Pakistan Haveli O&M Project made the learning plan and organized the learning activity. The learning activity includes shifts learning power plant relative English words, departments learning oral English, project regular meeting in English and English periodic tests.
  At 19:00 of 22nd, the project organized an English test which covers the basic English, business English and English for turbine, boiler, electric and I&C. All the participants finished the test carefully and independently.
  The activity aroused the staffs’ enthusiasm of English learning, strengthened the communication between Chinese staffs and local staffs and set foundation for the following jobs. Next, the project will organized more English trainings to cultivate more comprehensive talents to promote the company’s overseas business development.