SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Held ‘Hand-in-hand Tutor’ Signing Ceremony


  In order to promote the new staffs’ development and help them to better adapt the company and their positions, on October 25th, 2018, SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project held the ‘Hand-in-hand Tutor’ signing ceremony, and 8 new staffs and their tutors attended the ceremony.
  The project firstly used the unit leaders to be the tutors and required the tutors to offer help on ideas and professional skills and lives to the apprentices, and help them to combine the theoretical knowledge and on-site practice to improve their capabilities.
  On the ceremony, Mr. Ma Liang, the unit leader of shift A, made a speech on behalf of the tutors. He hoped that the new staffs could grab the opportunity to learn the professional knowledge and build foundation for realizing the four-shifts working system. After that, the operation principal and shift leaders spoke on the ceremony.
  At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Wang Chengdong, Deputy Project Manager, said that the ‘Hand-in-hand Tutor’ activity is an effective method to help the new staffs gain improvement, promote the personnel structure transformation, build a high-quality team and strengthen the safe production basic. He required that the operation department should pay attention to daily management and periodic assessing works, the tutors should make periodic study plan and teach the apprentices more knowledge and skills and care about their thoughts and lives, and the apprentices should respect their tutors and study hard to be the professional talents and make contribution to the company sooner.
  Next, the tutors and apprentices will carry out the learning and training activities by following the study plan.