Morocco Jerada O&M Project Receives Letter of Congratulation from Owner


  On November 9th, 2018, Huafeng Weiye Company Jerada O&M Project received a letter of congratulation from the owner, ONEE.
  The letter congratulated the 300-days safe and steady operation on the project and appreciated our excellent jobs and effort.
  The owner said that Jerada 1×350MW Coal-fired Power Station is an important part of the electric power industry of Morocco and also the model of the cooperation between China and Morocco which has significant meaning to the two countries. The owner hoped that the project could further develop the fine working style and spirit in the future to achieve more successful results.
  The owner’s praise is the biggest excitation to the project staffs but also drew higher requirements to the production and O&M management works. The project will insist on the company’s spirit, carefully summarize the previous experience, stride forward to the goal of operating the units for one year and work hard to built the project as the role model and make contribution to the company on building the international O&M brand.