ASEAN 10+3 Energy Cooperation Forum Visiting Mission Visits Huafeng Weiye Myanmar Thaketa Project


  On November 30th, Mr. Myint, Chief Engineer of the 13th ASEAN 10+3 NRSE and Efficiency & Energy-saving Forum Visiting Mission and Energy and Electric Power Ministry of Myanmar, Mr. Myat Zaw, Director of Industry Department, and Ms. Aye Kay Khaing Soe, Deputy Director of Industry Department, visited Huafeng Weiye Company Myanmar Thaketa Project.
  Accompanied by Mr. Wang Jian, Manager of Myanmar Branch Company and Thaketa Project, and Mr. Yang Bing, Executive Deputy Manager of Constellation Energy Company, they visited the production areas of the power plant and held a meeting. Mr. Wang introduced the power plant and the company’s O&M mode and Mr. Yang introduced the investment and construction of the phase I of the power plant to the guests. The guests asked questions about the operation, financing and localization, and Mr. Wang and Mr. Yang answered their questions, which won applause from the them.
  At the end of the meeting, Ms. Aye Kay Khaing Soe appreciated Huafeng Weiye Company and Constellation Energy Company and wished the two company could achieve more success and expected to popularize the scientific and efficient operation mode of the Thaketa Power Plant in Myanmar.