SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Completes Black-start Test


  At local time 14:28 of December 10th, 2018, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project completed the black-start test witnessed by SWCC, the owner, POYRY, the supervisor, and Maaden, the aluminum manufacture.
  The black-start means that under the circumstance of the power source system blacking out, the system could be started up by the unit which has the self-startup ability without the help of other grids, regains the service power, recover the grid operation and finally recover the whole system. The black-start is not only the requisite measure of safe production under black out of a power plant but also the important factor of guaranteeing the grid.
  The project’s black-out test includes two parts: GT11 test and GT12 test. On November 28th, the GT11 test is completed successfully. After that, in order to improve the quality of black-start, the commissioning personnel and operators optimize the plan of the test and only cost 20mins for the test, which is shorter 23mins than the time of GT11 test. Mr. Qahtani, the manager from the owner side, appreciated the O&M team’s excelsior working attitude and said that the 23mins showed the team’s perfect executive ability but also provides guarantee to the power plant for power restoration under emergency condition.
  In order to better carry out the test, the project transferred Mr. Liu Tao, Mr. Li Lei and Mr. Ye Hu from the commissioning team to prepare the test supported by SIEMENS and SDMO. The technical team organized SWCC, the supervisor and testing personnel to discuss the test and reached an agreement on technical process, danger points controlling and personnel division. And then the testing team submitted the planning discipline, operation procedure, checking procedure, logical configuration and organizational structure to the owner, and the sufficient and detailed jobs won appreciation from the owner and also strengthened the owner’s confidence to the test.
  At the same time, the testing team carefully checked the key parts such as DCS logics, outlet switch of the generator and incoming switch of middle-voltage busbar and reconfigured the necessary logical conditions, interior collocated the synchronous relay and finished the adjusting between black-start PCL and DCS, which guaranteed the test with technology.
  At 14:08 of December 10th, after the orders of ‘test start’, ‘diesel generating set APS finished’, ‘GT12 gas turbine is equipped with starting condition’, ‘start speed is stable’, ‘generator outlet switch on’, ’12BBA01 switch on’, the black-start PLC received the synchronization signal from GT12 turbine, the black-out PLC ran back automatically, and then the generator shut down automatically after 1min delay. At 14:28, the project completed the black-start test successfully, which means the O&M team successfully and independently finished the commissioning task of two diesel generators starting the gas turbine of the black-start program.
  Finishing the black-start commissioning job is the epitome of strengthening the commissioning and O&M abilities construction of EPCO chain, implementing the comprehensive talent training strategy, enhancing the technical ability of the team, promoting the project management, guided by the SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project and Huafeng Weiye Company, and also shows the excellent spirituality of the O&M team under the company and project’s new situation. Next, the O&M team will work harder for building the SEPCOIII global industrial chain.