SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project Starts Fuel System of GT11


  At local time 15:52 of January 7th, 2019, the fuel system of GT11 of the SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project was successfully ignited and raised the speed to synchro speed.
  Due to the serious lag of the time of oil inlet, the fuel system was shelved without commissioning for a long time, which increased the difficulty and uncertainty of the commissioning work. Therefore, the O&M team made scientific commissioning plan with iron army spirit and gathered the capable staff to insure the commissioning work.
  In May of 2018, after receiving the approval of the oil supply from the owner, the O&M team organized special staff to control the trunk for oil discharge every day, but the oil level could not meet the requirement of commissioning, which led the limited time of fuel system commissioning.
  While the O&M team used this period to detailed analyzed the SIEMENS’s washing instruction and list the material list and coordinated to procure the materials. In September, when the oil storage meeting the requirement of commissioning, the O&M had finished the temporary pipes for oil washing and immediately carried out the washing works with the washing engineers of SIEMENS, which greatly saved the time of waiting.
  During the equipment and system commissioning period, the O&M team encountered a series of problems, but SIEMENS could not help. Therefor, the commissioning staff independently solved the problems with their rich experience. Since the washing instruction was too brief to practice, the O&M team changed the trend and type of the pipes more than once. At the beginning of the washing work, the water injection pump tripped frequently, so the O&M team installed the restriction orifice and manual regulating valve to solve the problem. The O&M team also speeded up the washing progress by sectionalized washing, sand blasting and installing filters. The most difficult part was that the GT11 had being operating by natural gas for 15000 hours and 6 combustors’ flow was not qualified, so the O&M project held the meeting with the owner to discuss the treating plan and finally persuaded the owner to replace the parts with the spare parts of GT52, which insured the commissioning work a lot.
  Next, the O&M team will continuously carry out the commissioning works with enterprising spirit and make contribution to the project for obtaining the FAC.