Pakistan Haveli O&M Project Organizes Commendation of 2018 Outstanding Foreign Staff


  In order to improve the foreign staff’s working enthusiasm and implement the enterprise culture, the Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organized the commendation meeting for 27 outstanding foreign staff of the year of 2018 on January 25th, 2019. The project leaders, the owner, the department managers and the outstanding foreign staff attended the meeting.
  The meeting host firstly announced the name list of the 2018 outstanding foreign staff.
  Mr. Ma Yongfeng, Company Vice President and Project Manager, made a speech to appreciate all the foreign staff and called on all the staff to learn the outstanding staff’s performance to realize the development of both the project and the individuals.
  After that, Mr. Saleem Akhtar, the president of the owner side, made the speech to make congratulation to the staff and the project. He said that all the parties and staff should learn from each other and make joint effort to achieve better result.
  Mr. Shakir, the representative of the outstanding foreign staff, made the speech to appreciate the project and the leaders. He said that the project gives them a platform to learn the skills and realize their individual value. He would like to work harder to make more contribution to the project and the company.
  At the end of the meeting, the project leaders issued the awards to the staff and took group photos.
  The commendation meeting was held for encouraging the foreign staff and improve their loyalty and sense of belonging to the company and also build foundation for the works of 2019.