Mr. Ran Lingquan Visits SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project


  During the Chinese New Year of 2019, Mr. Ran Lingquan, President of Plant Maintenance Company, Mr. Wang Yuanwen, Manager of Administration Department, and Mr. Chen Ting, Vice President of Huafeng Weiye Company, visited Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project and celebrated the festival with the project staff.
  On the morning of February 4th, Mr. Ran and Mr. Chen came to the project site to get known of the O&M works and spoke highly of the safe and civilized production.
  After that, they held the meeting to further know the project general situation, management systems building, performance of the safe production index, safe management, O&M management and work report of the project.
  Mr. Ran said that the project is an important milestone of the company’s development and he is proud of the O&M team. He also made further requirements to the safety works and talent training works as follows.
  Firstly, the project should pay attention to safety; the responsible person should take the responsibility and work in accordance with the safety systems.
  Secondly, the project should take the good chance to further strengthen the talent training works.
  On the evening, Mr. Ran and Mr. Chen celebrated the New Year’s Eve with the project staff. Mr. Ran made a speech to appreciate the staff and also made best wishes to the staff and the company.
  After the dinner, Mr. Ran, Mr. Wang and Mr. Chen came to the site to convey greetings to the staff on duty.
  On Feb 5th, they finished the visiting and moved to Yanbu Project.
  The visiting brought care to the staff and enhanced the morale. In the new year, the project will further develop the iron army spirit and work harder to insure the safe and stable operation of the units.