Mr. Zhang Lianqing Visits Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project


  During the Chinese New Year, Mr. Zhang Lianqing, Vice President of SEPCOIII, Mr. Peng Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Huafeng Weiye Company, visited Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project and extend their regards to the staff.
  On February 5th, 2019, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Peng met Mr. Yang Bing, Assistant Manager of the Constellation Energy Company accompanied by the project manager. Mr. Yang reviewed the project development, appreciated the O&M team’s excellent jobs and expressed his hope to further cooperation. And then Mr. Zhang thanked the owner for the great support, explained the company’s culture and operation ideas and said that the O&M team will work harder for the owner with more achievements in the new year.
  After the meeting, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Peng visited the office building, maintenance workshop, CC building, chemical workshop, library, gym and other places accompanied by the project leaders.
  Mr. Zhang condoled the staff on duty and encouraged them to work harder for the new record of generated energy.
  After that, Mr. Zhang held a meeting, and the project leaders and representatives of all the project departments attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Jian, Project Manager, made detailed work report to the meeting. Mr. Zhang made following requirements after listened to the report.
  Firstly, the project should deeply understand the local policy and explore the new development mode for the company’s overseas O&M management.
  Secondly, the project used the advantage of the company’s EPCO industrial chain and achieved great results on the work of defect elimination after COD hand over with the iron army spirit.
  Thirdly, the project should pay high attention to safe and civilized production to support the energy generation work.
  Fourthly, persist in the localization strategy. The project should promote the implementation of the localization strategy.
  Fifthly, the project should carry out more cultural and sports activities to relax the staff.
  Mr. Zhang also expressed the benediction on behalf of the company and the party committee to the staff, appreciated the staff’s joint effort and the achievements of 2018, and made expectation to the work of the new year.
  Mr. Zhang and Mr. Peng’s visiting brought care from the company and the party committee to the staff, enhanced the morale and promoted the project management. In the new year, the staff will work harder on completing the energy generation task according to Mr. Zhang and Mr. Peng’s requirements and deliver a good report to the company and the owner.