Myanmar Kyaukse Project Finishes Training for Owners


  On Feb 27th, 2019, 16 O&M staff of the owner side of Myanmar Kyaukse Project passed the examination with the scores above 95, which means that the training for the owners was finished successfully.
  During the 15-days training, with the support of the EPC project, Mr. Han Zhanguo, Deputy Operation Manager, held the training combining with classroom presentation and on-site practice involving safety, electric and BOP for 16 O&M staff of the owner side.
  The teachers prepared carefully and taught in detail; the students listened carefully and interacted positively. All the trainees were acquainted with the safety knowledge and the system and equipment principles of electric and BOP, system procedures and equipment startup and shutdown operation. The fluent oral English, professional skills and humorous training method won recognition from the owner and the EPC project.
  At the end of the training, the owner side organized an examination, and all the trainees’ scores were above 95. The owner appreciated the training a lot.
  Next, the commissioning team will work harder to cooperate with the EPC project and try to achieve better results.