SA Ras Al Khair Project Finishes GT11 and GT12 Fuel Oil Full Load 72hs Reliability Operation


  At 16:35 of March 7th, 2019, witnessed by the supervisor and the owner, SA Ras Al Khair Project finished the GT11 and GT12 fuel oil full load 72hs reliability operation testing, which means that the project achieved stage winning of fuel oil system commissioning.
  There are totally 21 main and auxiliary oil tanks for the 12 turbines and black-start system of the project, and the total capacity is 208,000m³. Since established in 2014, there has been no oil inventory due to some reasons, and the O&M project has been always trying to realize it. After communication and negotiation, the owner agreed to accomplish oil inventory. On April 1st, 2018, the oil storage work was started. Up to the beginning of March, the project had discharged more than 2,100 tank trucks and the total capacity was more than 84,000m³.
  In order to finish the fuel oil system commissioning task, the project coordinated with SIEMENS, the supervisor and the owner and set up the commissioning team for oil discharging, system washing and commissioning works. The project staff worked hard and overcame all the difficulties to promote the commissioning job. Finally, the GT11 and GT12 fuel oil full load 72hs reliability operation testing was finished successfully, which means the fuel oil system commissioning achieved stage winning, and that also create favorable conditions for signing the FAC.
  Meanwhile, finishing the job also proved that the 9F combined cycle fuel oil system set commissioning plan made by the project could meet both the international standard and the requirements of the owner and the supervisor.
  The project also held management improving activity relying on the commissioning job to strengthen the management staff’s awareness of industrial chain and emphasize the importance of the “O” of EPCO industrial chain.
  Next, the project will summarize the experience and make an operable and available fuel oil commissioning mode for the following works of the company.