Morocco Jerada O&M Project Holds Kick-off Meeting of Unit C-level Repair


  On March 21st, 2019, Morocco Jerada O&M Project held the kick-off meeting of units repair which means that the company’s first 1×350MW supercritical coal-fired unit C-level repair job was started. Mr. Yu Lianshui, Deputy Manager of EPC Project, the O&M project leaders and department managers attended the meeting.
  The project arranged the tasks and responsibilities of the repair job on the meeting and the project leader made the following requirements.
  Firstly, strengthen the on-site technology supervision. All the departments and persons should cooperate with each other to strengthen the supervision on the site.
  Secondly, make sure the safety of C-level repair. Pay high attention to ‘two tickets’ management and standard operation and checking to insure the safety of person and equipment as well as the progress.
  Thirdly, pay attention to the progress. The total time of C-level repair is 20 days, so the project should strictly implement the plan to insure the progress of the repair.
  Fourthly, work hard on quality. All the departments should work hard on quality control system and try to reach the intended target.
  Fifthly, make great efforts to training. The project should take the repair job as a chance to lead the young staff to improve their professional abilities. All the majors related to maintenance should carry out training activities combining with the key works and the new technology and skills of the C-level repair job.
  Sixthly, carry out the repair and recycling job to reduce the cost.
  Seventhly, finish the experience summarizing and data archiving jobs.
  Eighthly, strive to do the logistics support works including the security of parts, on-site medical security and dining for overtime.
  There are 152 standard items of the C-level repair and also some non-standard items that are really important to the stable operation of the unit. In order to insure the works, the project carefully prepared and set 10 special teams and strengthened the supervision jobs. The majors participated in the repair strictly followed the plan to implement the works.
  At the same time, the third branch of Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee also set the vanguard with the EPC project party members to support the C-level repair work.
  All the works of the C-level repair are going well now.
  Next, the project staff will overcome all the difficulties and work harder on the C-level repair jobs to make both the company and the owners satisfied.