Commissioning team of Luneng Haixi CSP Project organizes emergency exercise of electric shock


  In order to improve the commissioning staff’s ability of dealing with emergency, further strengthen the project’s safety culture construction and enhance the staff’s safety awareness, the commissioning team of Luneng Haixi CSP Project organized an emergency exercise of electric shock on April 1, 2019.
  At 9:30 of that day, the exercise was started with the director’s order. The exercise simulated that a commissioning staff gets electric shock, and then the staff immediately cut off the power and carry out first aid, the emergency office launches the emergency plan. The exercise was finished successfully.
  The commissioning team also invited the doctors of the EPC project to teach the knowledge of first aid for electric shock, CPR, artificial respiration and external cardiac compression. The participants studied and practiced and were acquainted with the methods.
  After the exercise, Mr. Huang Zhao summarized the result and problems of the exercise. The exercise helped the commissioning staff to know the rescue process and key points of electric shock and also improved their skills and ability of dealing with emergency.