Myanmar Kyaukse Project finishes COD and 72hs reliability operation


  At 2:00 of April 9, 2019, Myanmar Kyaukse Project finished the 100% load performance testing of the set and COD with the owner’s signature and moved into commercial operation. At 22:00 of April 11, the 72hs reliability operation of all the 8 units was finished. All the economic and technical index were qualified during the operation period. The project was completed successfully.
  The project is a quick power plant project for dealing with the power shortage problem and is also the second project constructed by the parent company in Myanmar that responding to the initiative of the Belt and Road, which has significant meaning to the electric power in Mandalay and the market developing in Myanmar to the parent company.
  Before the COD, the project finished the energization of 33KV and 132KV, the ignition of #1 to #8, the first synchronization, protection testing, first full-load operation, 50% and 100% load performance testing, owner’s operators training and operation manual and commissioning plan approval, which built firm foundation for finishing the COD and 72hs reliability operation.
  The successful jobs won recognition from the owner. The company headquarters and the EPC project gave great support to the project’s jobs and the project staff also worked really hard on their works. Next, the staff will work harder on the tail-in work and make more contribution to the company’s brand building in foreign countries.