Huafengweiye Company Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Jinan Chuanyu Company


  At 11:00 am, May 11th, Qingdao Huafengweiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd signs the strategic cooperation agreement with Jinan Chuanyu Technology Co.,Ltd in the conference room of HTG Towers. Kong Lingbo, general manager of Jinan Chuanyu company, and Ding Qingfeng, vice general manager are present; Ni Jiawei, general manager of Huafengweiye company, Shi Huaiwei, vice general manager and other departments directors are present.
  At the signing ceremony, our general manager Ni Jiawei elaborates about the development of commissioning and O&M sections and conditions of domestic and overseas markets. The general manager of Jinan Chuanyu Company Kong Lingbo introduces the rich commissioning experience of Jinan Chuanyu Company in electric and environmental protection electric, thermal control and system and so on since it was founded in 2008. The company has very competent equipment installation and commissioning abilities in fields like electric and environmental protection, especially in expanding overseas market.
  The agreement is to promote domestic and international market expansion of the two parties, resources sharing and win-win cooperation. It also helps to increase the core competence of both parties.
  After signing the agreement, the two parties finished a domestic bidding in combined efforts, symbolizing the actual operation stage of the comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership.