Huafeng Weiye Company Organizes Firefighting Training


  In accordance with the annual training plan, the HSE department of our company invited Qingdao Zhengan Firefighting Technology Co.,Ltd to conduct Firefighting Training on the afternoon of June 17th in the conference room at Floor 8 of HTG towers A. The leaders and employees attended the training.
  First, the Manager of HSE department gave a speech about the importance of firefighting training and urged everyone to be alarming in order to prevent fire accidents from occurring.
  Then coach Li Shan from Qingdao Zhengan Firefighting Technology Co.,Ltd gave a speech about self-saving knowledge in a fire and the usage of firefighting equipment illustrated with true stories in fire accidents. Under the guidance of Coach Li, our employees learnt how to use the anti-smoke masks, fire extinguishers and ropes and so on.
  This training helped our employees learn about the cruelness of fired and the importance of safety work and learn the basic firefighting knowledge. Therefore, the firefighting training was successful.