Huafeng Weiye Company Holds “Anti-Corruption in Corporations” Education Class


  In order to promote honesty and integrity in our company, in accordance with the arrangements of the Corporation, Huafeng Weiye Company held “Anti-corruption in corporations” education class in the conference room in eighth floor in the Building A, HTG Towers at 15:30 on June 19th. The general manager Mr. Ni Jiawei, Vice manager Mr. Li Shanggang, Technology director Mr. Xu Jisheng and the directors from all departments, party members and employees attended the education class.
  First, general manager Mr. Ni Jiawei gave a speech about the importance of the anti-corruption education and urged us to promote honesty and integrity in our company;second, Vice manager Mr. Li Shanggang organized us to learn from some true stories about some corrupted officials and company leaders and made a summary about the importance of anti-corruption education class. Last, Manager Mrs. Sun Xuemei made specific arrangements of anti-corruption and honesty promotion.
  Through this education class, we had a much deeper understanding of anti-corruption and honesty promotion and we shall start from small things in anti-corruption and honesty promotion. After the class, we briefly wrote about our understandings of anti-corruption.