Saudi Arabia Zwar Project of Huafeng Weiye Company Once Again Breaks Foreign Technology Blockade and Independently Finishes Commissioning Two Systems


  Recently there is great news coming from the Saudi Arabia Zwar Project: the commissioning engineers in the Project once again broke the foreign blockade and independently finished commissioning the HRSG three-way baffle system and front combustion engine Wobbe system, saving lots of time and 2 million US dollars and guaranteeing the smooth development of the trial operation.
  The three-way baffle system was supplied by SISMENS and commissioned by SIEMENS engineers. We didn’t have the commissioning technology. Every set of HRSG three-way baffle system weighs 8 tons and is driven by over a 20MPa hydraulic system with independent intelligent measuring-controlling system and sealing system. It has strict operation requirements and misoperations will cause damage to the sealing parts even to the parts of hydraulic cylinder and driving shaft. The front combustion engine Wobbe system is an important part of the natural gas supply system. Its valves like SSV valve will cut the gas supply and drain the pipe in case of fires or accidents in the combustion engine to protect the unit.
  The SIEMENS staff cannot go to the project before the ignition of Block30, and if the systems cannot be commissioned in time, the ignition of Block 30 and the project schedule will be delayed. However, the commissioning engineers of Qingdao Huafeng Weiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd volunteered to independently conduct the commissioning of the two systems. In spite of the tight schedule, technology difficulty and blockade, the Zwar Project established a difficulty-overcoming team and made a plan to finish the commissioning of the two systems.
  The commissioning team conducted tests during daytime and conducted technology discussions in the evening. With careful studying and analysis of the equipment and diagram, after running simulations the commissioning team finally got the commissioning technology of the two systems. The commissioning team got the task on May 14th, and finished the commissioning of HRSG three-way baffle system in only 10 days and the commissioning of the front combustion engine Wobbe system in less than 4 days and the unit ignition was successfully conducted on May 25th; on June 3rd, all the defects in the baffles of GT32 were dealt with, all the baffle tests were verified and the commissioning team conducted commissioning on the blind disks.
  The successful commissioning of the above two systems guaranteed the ignition of the two combustion engines of Block30, reducing 40 days of work time for every unit and reduced about 250 thousand US dollars of direct cost; Block30 and the following units totally reduced 2 million US dollars of cost. The time schedule requirements of the project were also met. The successful commissioning of the two systems plays an important role in breaking the foreign technology blockade, reducing project cost, increasing our commissioning competence and enhancing the control over overseas projects.