Huafeng Weiye Company Successfully Holds Thailand NPP5 Training Project


  On July 7, 2014, Thailand project department of the Huafeng Weiye Company has successfully conducted the training task for the Thailand NPP5 project owner operators for two months
  Thailand NPP5A 1×98 MW Steam Turbine Generator Power Plant Project, belonging to Thailand electric power company power station project, whose installed capacity is 98 mw, is a high temperature and high pressure double extraction condensing type steam turbine generator set, located in 304 industrial park Ba Jin Buri, Thailand. On February 14, 2014, Huafeng Weiye Company undertook the start-up commissioning and personnel training of the said project
  From May 19 to July 7, Thailand projects department of Huafeng Weiye Company organized professional strength, combining with commission and operation experience for many years, through a vivid and concrete case and graphic  analysis, to conduct a comprehensive, systemic and professional training to the owner operators through a simple but profound introduction. First of all, we conducted safety training according to their specialty ; from the view of unit operating maintenance, features of each system and generator unit group and its commissioning and running principle were secondly training content; Finally, from the perspective of management, training of commissioning management and the economic indicators management of unit group operation were conducted, and a deep analysis and discussion about unit operation of NPP5 were also proceeded.
  During the training, all of trainee think hard, actively participate in the training summary and experience sharing session and active interaction combining with NPP5 status and professional characteristics of each unit. Through this training, more than 30 owner operation maintenance personnel had a deeper understanding of safety management of the entire unit, and got familiar with points to be paid attention to during the commissioning operation process for various systems and specialty. Owner operators representative state that through this training, they now fully understand the NPP5 project overall equipment characteristics and the operating principle, system commissioning, which lays a solid foundation for their future smooth commissioning, operation and maintenance work.
  While this training is also the first time systemic training to the owner conducted by Huafeng Weiye Company, which not only improved professional English ability of the project department technical personnel, and deepened the understanding of NPP5 unit, but also accumulate precious experience for the company in the later training courseware preparation, the points for attention during the teaching and the simple but profound explanation of unit group and their operation
  Thailand NPP9 and NPP5 project are great achievement of the Huafeng Weiye Company actively independent foreign market exploration outside the Third Company internal listed market, are also powerful attempt of the company entering into the Thailand market, and even the Southeast Asia market. The complete success of the training has impacted a great significance in promoting company's brand influence, enriching company’s overseas performance, and expanding oversea market.